I hope you and your family are doing well during this time. We as a company are taking measurements regarding this COVID-19 virus.

First, we do check on the health of our employees every morning before they leave for work. It’s also their responsibility to let us know if they feel sick before coming to work.

Secondly, it is mandatory for the cleaning crew to wear new gloves when they are working on our clients’ property.

Third, we will wear face masks while working on our clients’ properties. Also, as you know, it is mandatory for the cleaning crew to wear new shoe covers every time they go to a new client’s house. The use of hand sanitizer is a must after each house cleaning. At this time the cleaning crew is prioritizing more on disinfecting than usual.

We are using disinfectant products.

We are also offering to all our clients and the entire community help delivering, picking up medicine, food or any other supplies essential to their daily lives.

I hope these measurements help to fight the battle against this new virus.

God bless all.

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